Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Russian translation of IFRS

I’ve just got an alerted email from regarding on the publication of 2009 Russian translation of IFRS.

The IASC Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the following:

2009 Russian translation of International Financial Reporting Standards

These Russian files correspond to the text used for the adoption of IFRSs into law, and do not include the accompanying material such as the Bases for Conclusions and Implementation Guidance.

Access the documents online

  • The Russian translation can be accessed online via the "IFRS" section on You will need to be a registered user to access the translation - to register click here.
  • eIFRS/Comprehensive subscribers can access the Russian translation in the secure eIFRS subscriber area after logging in with their username and password and then navigating to the Latest Additions section.

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  1. Nice post.The importance of a technical translation being accurate and efficient can indeed not be overstated. Especially in the ever faster moving world of globalized business, successful information and technology transfer within multinational businesses can make the difference between win or lose.